Memorize the memory verse


This title brings back alot of memories to me at once .All of my sunday school days and how fun it was.

So what is this;Memorize the memory verse.

Every year as we all get ready to move on to our next class.There should be something to test us.Isn’t it? Well that included the annual examination and memory verse competition.

How is the memory verse competition held?

Memory verse competition had two levels.Oral and Writing.For junior kids it was oral and for senior kids was writing.We were given a set of memory verses ,two weeks before the competition and your supposed to memorize them .On the day of the competition held ,within the given timeperiod your supposed to write out the verses learned.Trust me same as u attend a regular exam that right time your mind goes blank (sigh)….

Why is this so important to me…..

I always looked forward to attending this competition.You get to learn alot of new verses each year and it definitely tested your memory skills and also how fast you could write them down.As a kid  this interested me.This is one part of the story.If this is said to be a competition then wont there be prizess….Oh Yes!

That was the next part ,best and funny part ,after the exam is over,i would meet up with most of the students in my class to know how it was for them and how many verses they wrote .So in my mind i would be calculating how many i wrote and if it is less or more than them (wink).I know it sounds  funny but when we are kids all this is fun.I used to eagerly wait to get back home to explain each and everything about the competition like how it was for me,how many verses i wrote,where i and my friends were seated,how my hands ached from writing fast,the time and i raced each other to see who would win.

Now all those are just sweet memories held close to my heart and how i miss all this.



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